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Planet Cancer - Planet Cancer is a community of young adults with cancer. It's a place to share insights, explore our fears, laugh, or even give the finger to cancer with others who just plain get it. We don't deny the dark side of illness and death here. But we also firmly believe that laughter and light can turn up in the strangest places.

Oncolink - This site from the University of Pennsylvania is one of the most comprehensive cancer resource sites on the Internet. Bookmarking is a must for anyone touched by cancer.

American Cancer Society - helping to save lives every day.

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network - dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major public health problem through voter education and issue campaigns aimed at influencing candidates and lawmakers to support laws and policies that will help people fight cancer.

Albright College - a small liberal arts college located in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Make-A-Wish Foundation - granting wishes to children/teens with life-threatening illnesses.

Ben's Game - a 3-D battle between a hero and cancer. Developed by a team of two: Ben, a leukemia survivor, and Eric, a professional game programmer. Ben's Wish from Make-A-Wish was to design a game for survivors. Nice job!

Re-Mission - HopeLab put out this 3D game for cancer patients in 2006. They had a much bigger budget than we did. *grin*

Poetry By Aubrey Walker - Aubrey is a talented young poet who lost a brother to cancer.

Game Creation

Adobe Photoshop
Macromedia Director MX
Macromedia Studio MX
Apple GarageBand (part of iLife)

Suggested Readings / Books

The Crumpled Note: A Teenager's Battle with Cancer, by Dave Kristula

Cancer: Facts and Thoughts, Dave Kristula, May 31, 2000

Imagery in Healing: Shamanism and Modern Medicine
The Art Therapy Sourcebook

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