May 15, 2004 -- "The Cancer Game" was featured in a front-page cover story of the Reading Eagle Newspaper. Thank you Merav and the Reading Eagle!

April 14, 2004 -- Yuko and Dave are presenting "The Cancer Game" at NCUR 2004. Wish us luck!

January 27, 2004 -- Public beta 1 now contains a complete soundtrack, and each level has its own unique looking cancer cell.

In addition, Yuko and Dave and The Cancer Game were featured in an article in the Fall 2003 Albright Reporter.

August 22, 2003 -- Public beta 1 released online, for free online play. Please submit your comments, positive and negative, to help make this project even better, and please tell a few friends about it!

In addition, Dave's first book, The Crumpled Note, a teenager's battle with cancer, has been published today in paperback, available for home delivery via order online.

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