Yuko Oda hails from Tokyo, Japan. She has studied at both Duke University and the Rhode Island School of Design. In her spare time, she eats pizza and sushi and listens to lots of Ani Difranco. Without Yuko, any game Dave would try to make would be a bunch of pretty blocks moving around on a screen.

David Kristula, aka the Dave from davesite.com, hails from Reading, Pennsylvania, USA. He has studied at Albright College. In his spare time, he also likes to eat pizza, sometimes sharing with Yuko if she appears to be hungry, and listens to a lot of Live. Without Dave, Yuko would never actually order pizza, because it's “just not as healthy as tofu.”

T-CELL, W.B.C., aka that cute little white blood cell with the sexy belt, hails from the bone marrow. T-Cell has studied in the thymus gland. In its spare time, it likes to play Super Mario Bros on its old NES with Yuko and Dave, and also likes to eat magic mushrooms (made of chocolate, of course) from Japan.


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