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side_scroll_baseJul14 7/14 side_scroll_baseJul14

--I added a score and a "mini-map" to the game, and included the chemo bar feature from earlier versions. I also added level support, so that the final version of the game could include as many levels as possible. Once you finish the first level, you move onto the second level. We left out the "start over" button so that I'd actually get work done. (When I made builds with "start over" buttons, I'd play them over and over again for 20 to 30 minutes straight, and Yuko would look over at me and say, "Why do you keep playing??? You should be programming!!!") This is when I knew the game has potential to be addictive. That was very satisfying.

side_scroll_baseJul15_4pm 7/15 side_scroll_baseJul15_4pm

--The next day we implemented the chemo bag to pick up to "refill" the chemo bar, and we implemented the G-CSF super shot, which would put the T-Cell into "super/invisible" mode. In super mode, the T-cell shoots faster, bigger bullets, and doesn't get hurt at all when bumped into. The G-CSF shot in this version was one of my largest artistic contributions to this game (see, it earned me 'secondary artist' status...) but it was obviously cut when Yuko made the real G-CSF shot.

side_scroll_baseJul16 side_scroll_baseJul16

--This was the final version posted on the web site as a demo before we went into our "quiet period" as Yuko's artwork became more and more magnificent. We fixed a few small bugs from the day before, and I created some new bugs in the process of fixing the old bugs, but this was the demo that proved our concept successful.

We did about 15 more revisions after this demo before public beta 1 was released on August 22nd.

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