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test_SuperBullets.dir 7/8/03 test_SuperBullets

--I went back and added a visually-enhanced bullet Yuko designed, what we called the "Super Bullet." This was the point when I knew working with Yuko was going to take me further than any of my expectations. We had one month left, and I was already psyched at the first inclusion of her graphics into the game besides the "cancer cell."

test_SuperBullets2.dir 7/8/03 test_superBullets2

--We placed the T-Cell as the main character in the game later that evening, and ensured the bullets fired from where there were supposed to fire from. (In early versions, the bullets came off the top of side, in this version, the bullets were in the exact center.)

For those of you programmers and project managers, obviously you'll notice this says 0.0015, while it was built after version 0.002. That's because this version was an improvement on the 0.001 build, and had nothing to do with 0.002. Obviously, the two builds would have to be merged very shortly.

side_scrollwithCCwithSuperBullets.dir 7/10/03 side_scrollwithCCwithSuperBullets

--This was the first build of the game that actually allowed the "cancer cell" to be destroyed by a bullet. It wasn't glorious, it wasn't pretty, but the code behind it was perfect. This demo concluded virtually all of our necessary feature set, so we began working on builds that integrated all features to date.

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