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side_scroll2.dir 7/2/03 side_scroll2

--Okay, so getting the ball to scroll on the screen was pretty neat, but still, that didn't explain how to get all the AI (artifical intelligence) enemies to "look" like they were scrolling, too. So I spend an hour looking over the calculations Halim gave me, and wrote a short up-down and left-right AI script.

The key was something I called hDiff, it's pretty much the "Flux Capacitor" (sp?) of low-end side-scroll games. hDiff was implemented in all future builds on the game.

I think I sat and side-scrolled back and forth on this game for an hour or two before I moved on. I was very proud of getting this done in thirty minutes, because I had expected to spend two days on it. I bought Halim a pizza.

side_scroll3.dir 7/4/03 side_scroll3

--I added more enemies to the game and tested it on several different types of computers. We ran this demo on as slow as a Pentium 300Mhz and G3/400, and on as fast as an Althon XP 2100+ and G4/867. It worked fine on all platforms, so we had established that the game was indeed feasible for computers from all walks of "life."

side_scrollwithCC.dir 7/8/03 side_scrollwithCC

--Instead of using silly blocks and circles, this was the first demo to include an actual "cancer cell." This is the only demo that every contained the growing T-cell, which was artistically beautiful, but scientifically the worst thing you could show a cancer patient. (Hey, look at the cancer grow on the screen! Oh! Wow! It just ate the T-Cell. Hmm. [Note: Sarcasm])

Almost all future versions had one size cancer cells, so as not to discourage any patient who may decide to play the game. The goal was, cancer was already there, so let's kick it's ass.

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