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A side-scrolling, arcade-style,
cancer-fighting video game

By Yuko Oda and Dave Kristula

Cancer Game Screenshot Want to play a fun video game to help you get some stress or anger out over your frustration with cancer? You've come to the right place.

The Cancer Game is a completely free game that will help you feel much better.

The Cancer Game has been tested and approved by people of all ages, children and grown-ups alike!

For Windows 7 and newer, including Windows 10, please download
the game - The Online version may have plug-in issues.

Play The Cancer Video Game
Online Now
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Send us feedback through our feedback page
Or.. send us your game feedback to [email protected].
The more feedback, the better the game!

Thanks, and enjoy the game!
* This game is for entertainment purposes *
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Since August 27, 2004
(This project was made possible through a small grant by Albright College and a generous contribution by Macromedia, Inc/Adobe.)

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